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Jewellery & Metalsmithing, Print & Pattern.

Josephine is a Designer Maker based in Sheffield, UK. She studied Surface Pattern design, and Textile Design, specialising in print before doing a Master of Arts degree in Design, with specialism in Jewellery & Metalwork. As an emerging maker she shares a studio/workshop at Yorkshire Artspace, Persistence Works on the Starter Studio programme for Jewellers and Silversmiths for continuing professional development. She launched herself as an emerging maker at New Designers exhibition 2017 with Sheffield Hallam University graduates. 

Her work is influenced by botanical plant forms, and explored notions of fragility, preciousness and impermanence. She is inspired by details found in nature, and uses natural found objects in her work. She uses processes and materials which can record these ephemeral treasures, capturing a memory of matter that decays over time, fossilised as a cameo. Imprinting into porcelain and metal, or carving her drawings into Japanese vinyl for printmaking and using repurposed vintage confectionery tins which are worn with time and function, these materials tell a story.

The work is intended to draw our attention to the importance of connectedness to nature which is being lost in our fast pace, urban society. Human impact is a real threat which has resulted in severe loss of biodiversity. Josephine's use of tranquil colours are intended to be reminiscent of those found in nature and she aims to create a sense of balance and harmony in her work, to symbolise a healthy relationship with the botanical environment and it's therapeutic benefits for health and wellbeing.