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Jewellery & precious metalwork

Silver Birch brooch


Recent work explores the theme of Provenance, meaning ‘a place or source of origin.’ This focus being on the natural environment and our connectedness to it, and how to capture the essence of a locality, using craft as a vehicle to produce handcrafted objects through material exploration and making processes using fragments collected from that place.

I use found objects collected on nature walks, which form a tangible link to the source of origin, and are used as a means of commenting on sustainability and the preservation of the eco system and our impact on the natural world, having lost fifty percent of the biodiversity of the planet in the last forty years, the intention os that my craft pieces will raise awareness of these issues and act as a prompt to start discuss.We have lost touch with nature, and an appreciation for our natural habitat, despite this we all still depend and rely upon it so must recognise the value of nature and it’s significance in our lives.

 The narrative jewellery and object collection is intended to convey this message, using the objects as a means of communicating, the pieces create a dialogue about provenance, identity and value, providing the wearer or viewer with a more meaningful experience by evoking a sense of place, time and memory. Many of the found objects collected are natural materials, which have impermanence, with a delicate and fragile quality, which represent the need for balance and harmony.

 Walking in nature is beneficial to health and wellbeing, as is the art of making and owning craft objects, believed to have social value and restorative benefits, especially true of slow making, which acts as a counterbalance to the fast pace lifestyle we lead today. Craft work using hand skills affords time to notice and appreciate the detail and intricacies in nature, which are so often overlooked, encouraging a multi sensory approach and a mindful experience.